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These Reasons will Make you More Persistent about Joining the Indian Army

Is there anyone who has never got fascinated with the idea of joining arm forces? We all have gotten smitten with the way the army is celebrated. In fact, we have lived many emotions with our brave soldiers who are protecting us going through all the extremes on the border, while we stay peacefully in our homes. The army is our hero and each one of us shows immense gratitude towards them as per our beliefs. Yet, for some of us, the Indian Army becomes more than an emotion and we crave to make it our lifestyle. We want to serve our nation at the front and show patriotism towards the nation. If you too belong to the same category, mentioned below are some reasons that will make you fall in love with the whole aura of the Indian army even more.

  • You get the chance of serving your motherland

Serving the Motherland can be done in a variety of ways. Administrative professions are also beneficial to countries. Securing and servicing it at the expense of life, on the other hand, is a rare and exceptional task. While serving on the border, one meets several challenges in some of the world's most difficult terrains, but determination, bravery, and going above and beyond to safeguard the homeland are everything.

  • There is a galore of personal satisfaction in the armed forces

Carrying army personnel provides you with the opportunity to serve your country. Nothing can compare to the joy and contentment that comes from serving your nation. Saving lives and improving and securing them brings immense happiness.

  • Job security

It's no surprise that you can't think of a single private-sector position that guarantees you a job for the rest of your life (until you retire) since there isn't one. You can have great success in the private sector one day and struggle to save your job the next, as is the case with most private sector positions. However, if you are a member of the army, you will never have to worry about job security. Even if you must retire at some point, you will have employment security till then.

  • You will have an unmatched lifestyle

When it comes to lifestyle, the military is unrivalled. A healthy mind, as you may know, dwells in a healthy body. A soldier's physical fitness and activity levels are maintained during his working years by physical activity and a healthy regimen. Aside from that, each day is fascinating and full of vitality. In the army, you could get to ride a tank; in the navy, the sea is your passion; and in the Indian Air Force, you get to ride the fastest machine of all, jets and planes.

  • You will have many travel opportunities

The military provides you with a total of 60 days of leave, which you can use as you wish. Furthermore, you have a leave travel concession (LTC) that will cover your travel expenses throughout your absence. The defence also provides an opportunity to experience other things, both inside and outside of India, because it is a transportable career.

  • You will have a new experience at every step of your life

At the pinnacle of any situation, the Indian Armed Force is the nation's last line of defence. As a result, they gain more experience and learn how to handle and deal with the most unusual situations they may encounter in their lives. It is a fantastic learning opportunity for anyone. Attributed to all, joining the Indian Army is one of the greatest options one can choose. It is worth the effort in every sense.

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